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What is the difference between the business seat of the high-speed rail class and other seats (1)

We know that the high-speed rail class has the difference between business class and other classes, so what is the difference between business class in comparison?

1. Business seats are only available in CRH380 and CR400 series of 350km\/h unified\/long-team Harmony EMUs, while first-class seats are available in non-integrated CRH380A\/B\/D and CRH2C, CRH3C and other EMUs. 250km\/h level Harmony EMU.

2. The business seat is wider: the business seat is 2 plus 1AC-F or 1 plus 1A-F layout, and the first class seat is 2 plus 2AC-DF layout.

3. The business seat has a larger seat interval (1900Mm), the first-class seat is 1080-1160Mm, and some cars may be 980mm.

4. The business seat can lie flat, and the adjustment range of the first-class seat is 5-32 degrees.

5. The fabric of the business seat is cowhide, the lumbar\/pillow with pure cotton cover, and the fabric of the first-class seat is textile.

6. The business seat seat is an egg-shaped (white shell) individual seat, the armrest is wider, and it is made of wood-textured smooth plastic material, and the side edge of the armrest is a dark gray plastic material; the first-class seat is a fixed seat for 2 people, The armrests are cream\/dark grey matte material and the armrest sides are textile.

7. The small table board of the business seat is in the right armrest box, which can be adjusted by dragging forward, backward, left and right, and the position is lower; the small table board of the first-class seat is in the armrest box on the two sides of the double seat.

8. The business seat will not have a wall-facing condition, CRH1 series products, CRH5 series, CRH3C, CRH380B\/CL series products and CRH380AL-link trains, some first-class seats have wall-facing conditions.

In this article, we will introduce the relevant content of the high-speed rail cabin here. For more relevant content, we will introduce it to you in the next issue.