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What is the function of Air Ticketing Simulation System?

The air ticketing simulation system is used in many colleges and universities, and the application is still very extensive. What functions does it have? Let us introduce it to you below.

1. Ticket office system: The ticket office system should include basic information such as the starting point, destination, time, available seats, etc. of the passengers of each flight; it will automatically display the flight and whether the seat is available for the information that meets the requirements of the passengers. .

2. Search and refund: You can search the ticket office\/ticket purchase status of each flight, passenger information and the income amount of the ticket office; you can accurately search for a certain passenger based on the ID number; after the passengers apply for the relevant procedures, they can also carry out Refund.

3. Inquiry on the platform of the timetable of the sailing car: An aircraft timetable will bring great convenience to passengers when they search for flight information. The platform inquiry of the timetable of the flight car is relatively strong, so as to consider the needs of passengers as much as possible.

4. System maintenance: A system needs to carry out system reset, data statistical analysis and maintenance of user management authority. System reset is in the early stage of system application, and the user must carry out the serial number and set level for each seat of each flight of the airline company. And determine the pricing. The maintenance of user management authority is that users can upgrade, delete, change the login password of the original user, etc. The statistical analysis of data is in a flight management method system, along with the flight ticket office. In the process of business process, there is a lot of data information in the system, so for the data information in the system, it is usually necessary to clear it on time, that is, delete some outdated data information.

5. Revenue clearing: There are many flights in a system, and it is impossible to use manual methods to statistically analyze the ticket sales revenue of so many flights, so a system that can automatically carry out statistical analysis and clearing is required.

6. Form copying: In the database query application system, the results of data processing methods are often copied in a form. Users need the system to perform form copying, so that it is more convenient to access information.

The functions of the air ticket simulation system are described above. If you need to consult and order, we welcome you to leave a message or call us.