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What is the difference between the business seat of the high-speed rail class and other seats (2)

In the previous article, we introduced some of the differences between the business seat and other seats in the high-speed rail class. In this article, we will continue to introduce it to you.

1. The magazine bag behind the business seat is a plastic compartment, which is wider; the magazine bag behind the first-class seat is the same material textile as the seat.

2. When there is no seat in front, the business seat magazine bag is on the side of the dark gray plastic cabinet on the wall\/car end position, the top of the plastic cabinet is made of guardrail material, and there is a cup holder, and the first-class magazine magazine bag is on the end position wall, or No magazine bag.

3. The business seat has no commutation door handle, and the first-class seat has a commutation door handle.

4. The tilt adjustment of the business seat is purely electric, and the first-class seat is manual.

5. The head, neck, abdomen, and foot support points can be adjusted for the business seat, and there are 3 default settings (sitting upright, reclining, lying flat), and the first-class seat has no such effect.

6. The seat adjustment control module of the business seat is located under the right guardrail, which is a dark blue fluorescent light electric button on a gray background; the first-class seat is located on the side of the guardrail, and it is a gray-black plastic deep button.

Compared with other seats in the high-speed rail class, the differences are not limited to what we have introduced to you above. If you need more information, we welcome you to leave us a message or call for consultation.