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Langfang Xiangkun aviation simulation equipment - high-speed rail cabin (simulation cabin)

After years of operation and operation of Langfang Xiangkun aviation simulation equipment, the company now has a high-level operation team.high-speed rail cabin(Simulation cabin) is mainly used for professional training of major high-speed railways, serving Beijing; Shanghai; Tianjin; Chongqing; Shandong; Jiangsu; Sichuan; Guangxi; Henan; Jilin; Guangdong; Yunnan; Xinjiang and other provinces and cities across the country.

Langfang Xiangkun aviation simulation equipment has a complete range of products, excellent quality, moderate price, timely delivery, active strategy and good service. In order to facilitate the broad demand groups, when customers pay online; During the negotiation time, the equipment will be delivered to the customer. If you do not understand, you can call at any time to find out.

The entire simulation training cabin of the high-speed rail cabin is divided into kitchen area, passenger area, toilet area, and VIP area. 25-meter train model: VIP area has 3 seats in 1 row; 2nd class seats have 50 seats in 10 rows; the length of the carriage section is 25 meters (according to the location) length); width of the carriage section 3.2 meters; height of the carriage section (2.88-3.2) meters (can be changed according to the height of the site).

The simulation cabin has the function of education and training in all aspects of the train crew. Because of the special production materials and equipment materials, the simulation cabin needs to be made in a confined space. According to the needs of each hospital and education, you can freely choose some of its functions to make or provide education. Demand function production.

Langfang Development Zone Xiangkun Aviation Simulation Equipment Co., Ltd. can achieve today's results in the supply of special equipment for operation, more reason is the implementation of lean management, the completion of tapping potential and increasing efficiency. The company is customer-centric, driven by demand, supplying The quality of the high-speed rail cabin has been recognized by the industry.