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What are you training in the orbital training module?

Since the working environment of flight attendants is at high altitude, once an accident occurs in the plane, it is necessary to remain calm and be able to clearly consider and teach others how to save themselves. Therefore, it is necessary for every flight attendant student to understand the various equipment on the plane. , and blindly carrying out theoretical education will not allow students to really grasp it, so it is necessary to apply it to the orbital training cabin to allow students to practice by themselves.

For example, B737-800\/320 includes an emergency evacuation cabin: the empty weight of this training cabin is 19 tons, and it can carry 81 people when it is full. Drills, and when the aircraft is in an emergency state, help passengers to use the onboard emergency equipment correctly, and according to the prescribed emergency evacuation procedures, correctly and skillfully open the various escape exits\/doors of the aircraft, and guide passengers to evacuate from the cockpit sensitively, etc. technology.

The main training contents include: understanding the cockpit escape port, the communication drill between the cockpit and the passenger cabin, the joint escape drill of the crew, the use of smoke masks and oxygen masks, the normal and emergency opening of the cabin door, and the emergency opening of the emergency window. Open drill, use slide for emergency land evacuation drill from passenger cabin, use emergency window for emergency land evacuation drill from passenger cabin, model rescue drill in cabin, model drill for loss of pressure in cabin, model drill for various faults, control drill for cabin lighting, flight attendant control surface Wrench operation drill, in-flight broadcast and intercom operation drill, call system operation drill, passenger entertainment system operation drill, etc.

In the orbital training cabin, the above content is generally trained. Our company produces and sells various teaching equipment. If you need to consult and order, you can leave us a message or call.