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Aviation simulation cabin is widely used for pilot training

Aviation simulation warehouseWidely used for pilot training

The ejection tower uses a catapult to rapidly propel the subject fixed on the seat from a low position under controlled conditions and rise along the inclined steel frame guide rail to simulate the instant situation when the aerospace ejection seat and the personnel are ejected from the aircraft .It is used to study the physiological response of the human body to the ejection overload, carry out the pilot ejection exercise and test the dynamic characteristics of the ejection system.

The neutralizing buoyancy simulation pool is used to indirectly simulate the environmental conditions of space shooting. The pool equipment includes underwater lighting, photography, communication equipment, oxygen supply breathing apparatus and safety rescue facilities. The simulation pool can adjust the water temperature, disinfect and change the water. In submerged water, when the total pressure (buoyancy) on his body is equal to the body weight, he seems to be in a state of weightlessness, which is convenient for studying the physiological response under simulated weightlessness or near weightlessness conditions. Personnel perform various actions underwater to simulate Exodus activities and training of personnel in orbit to assemble large components and repair operations in space.

The aviation simulation cabin is a complete set of equipment composed of a simulated cockpit, a computer system, a sound system and an extravehicular visual system, which can realistically simulate the aircraft attitude and the working state of its related systems for training pilots and astronauts. The internal dimensions of the cockpit, Instrument equipment and layout are modeled after the simulated aircraft cockpit.

Instruments, seats (reclining) and other components are analogs of the physical object of the aircraft that are similar to the outside of the aircraft and can perform equivalent actions. The information of the pilot's operation is processed by the computer and then transmitted to the instruments, the driving system, the cabin motion system, the audio system, and the Visual system, make a unified and coordinated response. The B737 simulation cabin can stimulate the driver's senses accordingly, producing a conscious and non-conscious sense of flight compulsion. The command platform outside the cabin has a command and recording device, which can give various "Flying" conditions, setting and de-faulting.

Aviation simulation cabins are widely used for pilot training. There are many types of aerospace simulation cabins, and their own simulators can be set up for different types of spacecraft and space missions.