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  • high-speed rail cabin

    high-speed rail cabin

    Orbital simulation cabin training can make students more proficient in actual operation. How to provide services and how to deal with some u

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  • aircraft simulation cabin

    aircraft simulation c...

    It is mainly a training equipment for cabin crew, emergency handling and safety awareness. The main training functions of the equipment incl

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  • Aviation simulation warehouse

    Aviation simulation w...

    The main contents of emergency handling training are as follows: Aviation simulation warehouse manufacturers pointed out that emergency hand

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  • Security simulation system

    Security simulation s...

    System overview The security check information system is a comprehensive security information management system that integrates passenger id

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  • High-speed rail simulation ticketing system

    High-speed rail simul...

    Abstract: Now more and more developed railways and higher railway transportation speed make more and more people choose high-speed rail as t

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  • Orbital training module

    Orbital training module

    ​Orbital training cabin is one of the main products produced and sold by our company, and the product quality is guaranteed. Our company has

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  • aviation simulation cabin

    aviation simulation c...

    It is one of the main products produced by our company. What is its main function? Let us introduce it to you. Aviation simulation is mainly

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  • Air Ticketing Simulation System

    Air Ticketing Simulat...

    The air ticketing simulation system is one of the main products provided by the company, the booking software (ETERM), the system of this pr

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  • Airport Simulation System

    Airport Simulation Sy...

    It is a scientific study and training based on the theory of airport operation and control, and technically integrates 2D system and 3D simu

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  • flight attendant training cabin

    flight attendant trai...

    Cabin is one of the main products provided by the company. Its function is to carry out cabin service, emergency handling and safety precaut

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