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What is an aviation flight simulator?

A flight training simulator (airport simulation system) is a kind of equipment for training pilots. It generally consists of a cockpit, interface equipment and various instruments, a visual system and a training computer. The computer is the control center of the flight training simulator. During training, sitting in the cockpit can perform various operations: turn on the switch, push and pull the throttle, operate the flight stick and rudder, and also get various data, such as flight speed, travel, position, altitude, wind direction, wind speed, etc. The visual system can provide the simulation of the scene where the students are located. When operating, the students feel like they are sitting in an airplane, feel the actions of diving, tilting and circling, and can also see various scenery (clouds, fog, river, etc.) up and down the plane. You can also set up various flight environments to fully exercise your skills and learn to master various difficult and dangerous operations. Therefore, as long as the simulation conditions are realistic, the students who have passed the flight simulation training can fly the aircraft immediately after graduation. Lift-off exercise.

The airport simulation system is a training device used to practice flight operation skills under various conditions. It can simulate the static and dynamic characteristics of the aircraft, visual conditions, and various physical factors such as sound, overload, and vibration. It is used to train pilots and Other relevant members of the air crew, simulate the combat use methods and techniques of aircraft. The use of flight training simulators can shorten the time to master new technology and equipment, improve the efficiency of equipment use and reduce training costs.

The main function of the flight training simulator is to reproduce the flight conditions in space and the motion state of the aircraft on the ground, providing astronauts with various sensations such as motion, vision, hearing, and control load, as if driving an aircraft in space.

The airport simulation system is specially used to train astronauts. It is not limited by meteorological conditions, venues and time, and has the characteristics of energy saving and low cost. For example, the cost of astronauts practicing one hour on the flight simulator is only the air flight The cost is about 1\/10 of the cost, and it is safe and reliable. The flight training simulator has developed very rapidly for decades, and it has become more and more realistic, the training effect is getting better and better, the training period can be shortened, and the training efficiency is high. Therefore, the training simulator is Very useful equipment.