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What is the function of the control terminal of the airport simulation system?

Airport Simulation SystemThe main function of the control terminal is to write basic information and maintain general information. When the training starts, the control terminal pushes the data file to the terminal equipment of the on-site guidance seat through the selected simulation project. The data file includes the estimated arrival of the aircraft for training. General information such as release time, message format push time point, etc. In all test links, the control terminal can complete real-time monitoring of the training group, grasp the situation of simulating new projects, and correct the shortcomings of students. The specific functions are as follows:

1. Creation of simulation training: set the dynamics of aircraft flight operations, the notice of the airport road surface, and the notice information of relevant departments and other simulation data information

2. Dynamic distribution time setting of various types of data information: basic data information of training aircraft flights (flight information, airport license number and other abnormal information of aircraft flights, etc.), the simulation environment is required to be changed during the training process.

3. General information maintenance: setting the speed range of various vehicles in the scene, ensuring the setting of the time, the response time of each unit, the total number of tasks of the larger layout, and ensuring the setting of the vehicle configuration time.

4. Real-time monitoring of simulated new projects: real-time monitoring of the operation status of each agent on the training side, and statistical analysis of the illegal behavior of each agent on the training side.

The above are the main functions of the control terminal of the airport simulation system that we have introduced to you. Its use is very helpful to help train the pilots' abilities.