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What is the role of the on-site command seat of the airport simulation system?

The airport simulation system is often used in the aviation teaching system, and the on-site command seat is one of its functions, so what does it do? In this article, we will introduce it to you.
The main function of the on-site command seat is to coordinate the various seats of the system in time to deal with various problems presented in the working process of the airport after monitoring the entire situation and information of the airport.

1, Airport plane display:

Including the display of airport terminal, runway, parking stand, and stand information; the allocation of stands; the usage characteristics of stands, the display of covered bridges, taxiways, etc.

2. Real-time monitoring of the taxiing positions of various vehicles and aircraft at the airport: real-time monitoring of the taxiing paths of various vehicles in the situation; real-time monitoring of the taxiing paths of aircraft; The screen monitors the process of securing the apron of various vehicles and aircraft at the airport.

3. Communicate and issue instructions to the auxiliary seat: issue a communication instruction to the auxiliary seat. The content of the instruction includes ensuring the requirements (such as refueling and water, etc.), ensuring the address (such as the seat), ensuring the flight number, aircraft type, etc.

4. Change and update the information in the bulletin board: correct the departure time, aircraft tail number and parking space in the bulletin board according to the actual situation in the system work; conflict warning function; work conflicts between aircraft and vehicles in situations Warning; warning of exceeding the maximum number of tasks assigned to each auxiliary part.

5. Imitation project advancement: Load various data information of the imitation project according to the data package received from the control terminal, realize the initialization of the imitation project; dynamically store the position information of the aircraft and various vehicles to ensure the time point.

The on-site command seat of the airport simulation system mainly has the above points. Its use has brought great help to some teaching systems. Our company produces and sells this product. If you need to consult and order, we welcome you to leave us a message or Call for consultation.