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What are the training contents of the flight attendant training cabin?

Before the students of the flight attendant school graduate, the colleges let everyone goflight attendant training cabinFor practical training, what content is generally trained during practical training? Let's introduce it to you.

1. Basic in-cabin skill training, mainly including, cabin service simulation training, conductor operation panel operation training, in-flight broadcast and internal call operation training.

2. Practical training for emergency exits, such as the professional skills to properly open or close the aircraft cabin door in emergency situations, which includes detection, safety and emergency evacuation functions, the function and appearance of the cabin door, etc. are in accordance with the real aircraft. The simulation manufacturing of cabin doors also includes a slide pumping simulation system, a common fault simulation system for the boarding door and a door view simulation system.

3. For the cabin simulation service project for general passengers and their special passengers, some trainees play the role of aircraft pilots and passengers to carry out practical training to simulate real scenarios. Professional skills and methods of passenger service, and master the needs of airline passengers.

The training content of the flight attendant training cabin mainly covers the above points, which is to help everyone grasp the situation of passengers in the cabin and master the standards of various safety work in the cabin.