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What is the difference between 1st class and 2nd class in the high-speed rail cabin?

I believe many people have taken the high-speed rail, knowhigh-speed rail cabinThere are grades of seats in the interior, so what is the difference between first-class seats and second-class seats? In fact, the main differences between them are price, seats, space, functional facilities and windows.

1. The difference in price: The price of the 2nd class seat is relatively low, and it is generally the seat that everyone likes to choose. The price of the first class seat depends on the distance and distance, and it is generally tens to hundreds more expensive than the 2nd class seat.

2. The number of seats is different: 2-class seats have 5 seats in each row, 2 seats on one side and 3 seats on the other side, each of which is xF\/xD\/xCxB\/xA (x represents the number to be taken). First-class seats have 4 seats in each row, one side 2 seats each, each is xF\/xDxC\/xA (x represents the number to be taken).

3. The size of the space is different: the corridors of the second-class seats are relatively narrow and congested. The first-class seats are wider than the second-class seats, because there is one less column, so they are wider and more comfortable, and the seats are laid flat back The viewing angle is also larger, and it is comfortable to lie down.

4. The functional facilities are different: the second-class seat can adjust the inclination of the backrest backward according to the needs, about 4 to 5 degrees, which is smaller than the first-class seat; there is a small dining table behind each seat, so there will also be a small dining table in front of your seat. A dining table can be put down and hung up. New trains have 2 battery charging sockets per row, old trains have only the front and back of the car.

The first-class seat can adjust the inclination of the backrest according to the needs, and the inclination is larger than that of the second-class seat. The toilets are clean and tidy, and are specially used for the disabled.

5. The view of the car window is different: the line of sight of the second-class seat is average, and the first-class seat is not as spacious as the first-class seat.

We know that since there are grades, the related services are also different. When you travel, you can choose seats of different grades according to your actual needs.