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Langfang Xiangkun Aviation Simulation Equipment - Orbital Training Module

Langfang Xiangkun aviation simulation equipment products are of reliable quality and reasonable price. Every orbital training module out of the warehouse must pass strict quality inspection and can only be shipped out of the factory after reaching the quality standard. High standards and refinement are the basic requirements of enterprises for employees.

Langfang Development Zone Xiangkun Aviation Simulation Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in planning, production and sales: development of aviation simulation training equipment, orbital training cabins, and technical consultation and services; planning and construction of aviation simulation training rooms; sales of security inspection equipment, luggage Transmission equipment, seat belts, life jackets, oxygen masks; mechanical processing. The company is located between the two major cities of Beijing and Tianjin, Langfang City, Hebei Province. It serves many colleges and universities throughout the year. Survive by quality, open by promise", always adhere to the customer's needs and satisfaction as the center, take "integrity" as the purpose, and provide customers with greater value return.

The entire track training cabin is divided into kitchen area, passenger area, toilet area, and VIP area. 25-meter train model: VIP area has 3 seats in 1 row; 2nd class seats have 50 seats in 10 rows; the length of the carriage section is 25 meters (depending on the length of the venue) ); the width of the carriage section is 3.2 meters; the height of the carriage section is (2.88-3.2) meters (it can be changed according to the height of the site), which has the function of education and training in all aspects of the train crew.

Welcome new and old customers to visit Langfang Development Zone Xiangkun Aviation Simulation Equipment Co., Ltd. to discuss cooperation. We have orbital cabins, orbital training cabins and other related products. If you need consultation, we welcome you to leave a message or call us.