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Can alcohol and disinfectant pass the security screening simulation system?

During the pneumonia epidemic, it has become a habit for many people to have alcohol beside them." But alcohol is very volatile and is a dangerous item of flammable and explosive materials. If you take a train, can it pass through?Security simulation systemWhat about the inspection? We will introduce it to you below.

It is reported that in order to maintain the information security of the railway line and ensure the safe travel of many passengers, during the entire process of passenger entry safety inspection, each station conscientiously implements "every bag must be inspected, every liquid must be inspected, and every doubt must be asked". Carry out "full coverage" inspection of luggage to prevent all kinds of dangerous items from entering the car.

Among them, alcohol-based disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, disinfectant containing flammable chemical substances, peracetic acid disinfectant, effective chlorine disinfection effervescent tablet, bleach solution, potassium permanganate solution disinfectant tablet, etc. are all strictly prohibited from entering The station enters the car. Because the disposable antibacterial hand sanitizer contains alcohol, this type of disinfection product cannot enter the station according to the safety inspection at this stage.

It is worth mentioning that 84 disinfectant is a high-efficiency disinfectant dominated by calcium hydroxide. It has a pungent smell and belongs to corrosive dangerous goods. It is strictly forbidden to bring it into the car when entering the station. Disinfectants whose ingredients cannot be distinguished in sub-bottles According to the safety inspection, it is not recommended that passengers carry packaging, airtight alcohol disinfectant wipes, cotton pads, etc., to facilitate scrubbing hands, chairs, etc.

For this matter, some passengers will not understand, they are in a hurry when they are in a hurry, and they are also very emotional. At this moment, the security inspection staff must carefully do a good job in the presentation work, not only to explain in a reasonable and reasonable way why "not allowed", It is even more necessary to pay attention to "safety can be ensured without it".

Through the introduction we have brought to you above, you should know whether alcohol and disinfectant can pass the security inspection simulation system. If you need to inquire about more related content, we welcome you to leave a message or call us.