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What are the production standards and procedures for high-speed rail cabins?

Today, the editor brings you relevant knowledge about high-speed rail cabins, let's take a look at it together!

Aviation Simulation Equipment Co., Ltd. pointed out that aircraft simulators are used for pilot flight training. Imitation is divided into unintentional imitation and intentional imitation. The younger the child, the more unintentional imitation. Imitation is a human characteristic and a psychological characteristic of children. .It is to imitate the words, deeds, behaviors and behaviors of others to make oneself produce similar behaviors and psychological activities. Imitation is an important form of human social learning, and it plays a very important role in the process of individual socialization.

Generally speaking, a 78-month-old baby will begin to imitate the expressions and actions of adults, and then start to imitate the voice of adults. This is the child's need to become mature, to stand on the same starting line as adults, and to enjoy the same rights. Children can understand the workplace early, cultivate team awareness, and have correct financial management concepts, so that children can appreciate the hard work of their parents, learn to respect and be considerate of their parents, and have a filial piety and love for their parents, family and society.

The high-speed rail cabin simulation cockpit is set at the front end of the cabin, and the shape simulates the actual size of the real aircraft. 3D model, and a 3D model of the joystick.

Xiangkun Aviation Simulation Equipment Co., Ltd. stated that the instrument panel is simulated by LED light guide plate. The high-speed rail cabin is equipped with a functional intercom mobile phone, calling, and issuing emergency evacuation signals. The high-speed rail simulation cabin function cockpit door switch is equipped with controllable emergency lights,” ;Do not smoke, fasten your seat belt", the oxygen mask in the cabin falls off, etc.

Well, the above is the relevant knowledge about the high-speed rail cabin that Xiaobian brings to you today, I hope it can help everyone, if you need it, you can contact us at any time!