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Practical introduction of flight attendant service training cabin

flight attendant training cabinIn the course, there is a very important content, that is, the service practice of the cabin, which is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the relevant knowledge learned by the students. Below we will give you a brief introduction.

1. Go through the process. Understand the service procedures at various stages before and after the flight takes off, catering services, preparations before landing, before landing, and after landing.

2. Walk the standard. Learn the service standards of economy class, service with a smile, stand, walk, squat, pick up and send, civilized and polite language.

3. Take cooperation. No one person can fly a good flight. The crew is a cooperative group. They can fill each other's seats and complete the cabin safety processing and service together.

4. Follow the "heart". The procedures and standards are relatively fixed, while the personalized service needs of passengers are ever-changing, such as: special passenger service, special situation handling. What we learn is how to put things in perspective and do "what people want to others".

The flight attendant service training cabin is a condensed small cabin, where the new trainees start and walk, and every step must be taken solidly, so that they can deal with related matters when they actually work later.