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How to identify and analyze the noise in the high-speed rail cabin

What method is needed to identify and analyze the noise in the high-speed rail cabin? Let's give you a brief introduction.

1. Inspection method of the noise transfer function in the cabin: The reciprocal method is used for the inspection of the transfer function of the bulkhead to the query area, that is, a volume sound source is placed at each query point to sound, and the sound pressure and air particle velocity near the wall surface in each area are checked to obtain. The transfer function from each source point to the query point.

2. Inspection method for bulkhead noise and particle velocity: the high-speed rail operates according to the actual situation, prevents the sound pressure and air particle vibration inspection points in each area, and measures the corresponding parameter values ​​in each area. The calculation formula is simplified, so only the vibration velocity of the surface air particles can be measured. As the inspection area is relatively large, it may not be possible to lay all the sensors at one time, and the inspection is carried out in blocks, and the method of synchronization according to the reference signal is selected.

3. Analysis and calculation method of multi-point contribution to noise in the cabin: the average contribution degree pk_i of the kth noise source area relative to all the query points in the i-th query area is: Among them, is the total number of query points in the i query area, lt;gt; Indicate that the space is uniform. The uniformly weighted contribution of the kth noise source area to all the query areas is: Among them, ni is the total number of query point areas, wi is the weighting coefficient for the ith query area, and the total weight should satisfy the above formula It is possible to separate lt;pk_i>, (i=1...ni, k=1...nk, ni and nk respectively indicate the total number of query areas and source areas), and obtain that each source area has a corresponding effect on the i query area or all The weighted noise contribution of the query region.

The above is the method for identifying and analyzing the noise in high-speed rail cabins that we have introduced to you. I hope it can help you. If you have a demand for this product, you can leave us a message or call for consultation. We will serve you wholeheartedly.