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The Structure and Application of Aviation Simulation Warehouse

Students who have studied flight attendant know that before graduating and getting on the plane, the school will let the students conduct simulation training in the simulation cabin. At present, the simulation cabins of each school are also different, but the main ones are B737 and A320. Lord. Why do you still have a trial training in the simulation cabin? What is the usefulness of the simulation cabin? Let me tell you about it.

The aviation simulation warehouse training course mainly trains students' cabin service skills, and guides students to establish a clearer practical experience of professional theoretical knowledge through the integration of theory and practice. By simulating the real working environment of flight attendants, students can better experience The whole process from take-off to landing of the plane. The whole process will be carried out in strict accordance with aviation standards, so that students can adapt to the real working environment faster in the future.

The practical training courses mainly include, the cognition of cabin facilities, cabin safety drills, on-the-job training of flight attendants, cabin catering services, in-flight broadcast and internal operation teaching. Through simulated service drills for real passengers, students take turns Play the role of passengers and flight attendants for practical training, simulate real situations, so as to better understand the characteristics of different passengers and the corresponding handling methods.

The aviation simulation warehouse mainly includes: instructor control room, kitchen toilet, simulation manifest channel, Boeing simulation cabin door, Airbus simulation cabin door, wing escape exit, multimedia teaching system, surveillance camera return visit system, oxygen mask and other PSU devices, cabin Emergency control device. The areas included in the aviation simulation cabin include: front kitchen area, business class area, economy class area, rear kitchen area and other areas.

But in general, the main function of the aviation simulation warehouse is for the simulation training of students. From boarding to disembarking, and handling of air emergencies, the school combines theory and practice to better let students experience It has achieved the purpose of applying what has been learned, and is fully prepared for future work.