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Orbital training cabin interior design

The shape of the B737-800 orbital training cabin simulates the fuselage above the floor line of the B737-800 aircraft. The entire training cabin is divided into 5 parts: the cockpit, the front door section, the first class section, the economy class section and the front section of the rear door. A bulkhead is arranged between the economy class.

The simulated B737-800 cockpit is set at the front end of the training cabin. The shape of the cockpit is imitated from the real aircraft. Only the color spray map of the instrument panel is installed inside. There are 2 simple Jia Siyu seats inside the cockpit. Can be moved back and forth. The seat does not have a simulated shape and function.

The structure of the cockpit is designed to be simplified by the shape above the floor line of the B737-800 aircraft, and its length is 4530mm. The frame of the nose is horizontally set with a bulkhead, and the girders, bulkheads and girders are made of A3 steel δ5 steel plates, and the shape is based on the frame of the nose. The structural mold line is laser-cut, and the bulkhead and the long truss are welded and assembled into a rigid skeleton.

(1) The material is the same as that of the real airport;

(2) The software and hardware are consistent with the airport and are available, including brand computers; security check unpacking station; security check channel item transfer platform; 1 real security gate; security inspection machine conveyor belt; real small luggage X-ray equipment 50x30; real 4 handheld metal detectors; carry-on luggage unpacking desk; prohibited items unpacking desk; real large screen of ordinary unpacking machine (display flight information); 6 waiting seats; 1 packing machine.

(3) The details of the real and available security inspection service system and the contents described in Chapters 1 to 2 of this plan are complete. Unified customization, software and hardware are actually available.

(4) Service system, which simulates the registration service system of civil aviation airports.

The interior design of the orbital training module is as described above, I hope it can help you.