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What are the cabin lists of the aircraft aviation simulation warehouse?

What are the cabin lists of the aircraft aviation simulation warehouse?

1. The passenger service signs in the training cabin are all functional simulation pieces. All the "No Smoking" and "Fasten Seat Belts" indicators, etc.

2. The group sign in the bathroom is also functional, and its lighting state is controlled by the latch on the bathroom door. The latch on the bathroom door and its sign also have functions. There is also a call button in the bathroom. After pressing the button, the indicator lights on the outer wall of the bathroom and the corresponding ACP also have corresponding points displayed.

3. The passenger call on the functional passenger service component is functional. After pressing the call button, the chime will be triggered, the seat indicator will light up, and the ACP will be displayed accordingly.

A set of training operating systems

1. Cabin loss simulation system: The system is controlled by the instructor and can start the oxygen mask mechanism in the cabin to fall off. On the PSU with 4 functions, it is necessary to be equipped with 4 groups of oxygen mask mechanisms. The real plane is the same.

2. Aircraft power failure simulation system: After the failure simulation is started, other lights in the ground service system cannot be lit normally except the emergency lights, and the failure is also controlled by the instructor.

3. Closed-circuit monitoring system: The training cabin is equipped with 2 color cameras with a designated angle. A monitor and video recording system is installed in the instructor control room, and the instructor can monitor the training situation in the cabin at any time in the control room.

4, Instructor operating system.

Hardware composition: control panel.

Software composition: The control software developed on the basis of WINDOWS adopts a point-to-point structure. It can communicate directly with PLC, which is very easy to operate and has a Chinese operation interface.

The cabin list of the aircraft aviation simulation warehouse mainly includes the above contents. If you need to consult more related contents, we welcome your message or call.