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What do you practice during your training in the flight attendant training pod?

Before the students of the flight attendant school graduate from college and get on the plane, the colleges and universities will first go to the flight attendant service training cabin to carry out practical training. Today, I will also tell you some of the content of the training course. Grasp the cabin The professional skills of service and some road service items are the professional skills that everyone must learn and train as flight attendants, master the signs and operation methods of several types of emergency machinery and equipment such as oxygen tanks, fire bottles, smoke masks, etc., and some of them. Operation methods and common problems of smoke and fire machinery and equipment.

1. It is necessary to carry out basic cabin professional skills training, the functions include, cabin service simulation training, conductor operation panel actual operation training, in-flight broadcast program and internal call actual operation and other training functions.

2. To carry out emergency exit training, such as the professional skills to properly open or close the cabin door in an emergency, which mainly includes functions such as detection, safety and emergency evacuation. The function and appearance of the cabin door are in accordance with The real machine cabin door simulation production and manufacturing also includes the slide pumping simulation system, the boarding door common fault simulation system and the door view simulation system.

3. It is a cabin simulation service project for general passengers and their special passengers. Some students play the role of aircraft pilots and passengers to carry out practical training to simulate the real situation. The key purpose is to grasp the difference between the general and unique passengers in the airport and the general passengers. According to the characteristics of airline passengers, grasp the psychological needs of airline passengers, and analyze the solutions to each passenger's psychological problems according to the cognitive ability of passengers' general mental health problems in the professional process of aviation services.

The above contents are generally practiced during training in the flight attendant service training cabin, so as to be able to deal with various problems when actually serving customers.