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What are the system settings in the aircraft simulator cabin?

aircraft simulation cabinThe space environment simulator is a comprehensive experimental equipment for simulating the high vacuum, cold black and strong solar irradiation environment in space under the condition of no weightlessness on the ground.

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In addition to the imitation function, the system settings of the aircraft simulation cabin also have teaching functions. Among them are power supply, lighting system, in-flight broadcast, communication system, closed-circuit television, monitoring system, audio system, instructor console, computer system, and aircraft fault simulation. system, fire alarm system, fire extinguishing and smoke exhaust, etc.

The carriage will have 1 set (3 beds) of passenger hard sleeper and one set (2 beds) of passenger soft sleeper. Soft sleeper and hard sleeper are opposite, with a station in the middle and a real dining table. Passenger hard sleeper and soft sleeper are in accordance with the real iron The proportion of passenger sleeper is made, using light alloy environmental protection materials, the cover cloth and quilt are brand new, and there is a curtain between the aisle and the compartment, the curtain can be manually opened or closed. There will be 1 row (8 seats) in the compartment ) of the motor car dining table and seats. There are 2 dining tables and 8 seats.

The dining table in the aircraft simulation cabin is made of light and environmentally friendly composite materials. The main structure is made of steel, and the corners of the table are mixed with gold corners. The seats in the aviation simulation open training cabin are two seats together. The chair is mainly made of light and environmentally friendly materials. The seat cushion, backrest and cover cloth are brand new.