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Parameter indicators of the aircraft simulation warehouse

Today, let's talk about the parameter indicators of the aircraft simulation warehouse.

The car body is 20 meters long, 3.2 meters wide and 2.6 meters high. There is no front. The first-class seats are arranged in 2 plus 2, and there are 4 seats in 1 row. There is a set of rotatable seats. The first-class seats are arranged in 2 plus 3, with a total of 30 seats in 6 rows. The exterior simulation seats are arranged, and all are equipped with small table boards. The hatch and the 2-side window training cabin door are located behind the first-class seating area. , Before the second-class seating area, the left side is equipped with a manual side-opening simulation door, and the right side is a model. The left window of the carriage is made of tea-blue plexiglass or transparent tempered glass according to the 1:1 simulation standard. The right side is not Open porthole, only the porthole pattern is sprayed on the inner and outer surfaces of the cabin. The bar counter, kitchen and kitchen are all simulated real cars, which meet various operation functions required by training.

The aircraft simulation warehouse plays an important role in training pilots, reducing the risk of equipment loss, and cultivating aviation reserve forces. Due to the rapid development of my country's air transport market, the demand for pilots continues to rise, and the aviation training market is an important part of the aviation industry chain. , The overall market size is growing rapidly. Due to the lack of flight training equipment in my country, airlines often need to send pilots to foreign countries for training, which costs a lot of manpower and material resources. In a broad sense, a flight simulator is a machine used to simulate the flight of an aircraft. . Devices that simulate the flight of aircraft, missiles, satellites, spacecraft, etc. can be called flight simulators. It is a simulation device that can reproduce the aircraft and the air environment and can operate. In a narrow sense, it is used to It is a device that simulates the flight of an aircraft and has a relatively complex structure and complete functions. The aircraft simulation warehouse company said that if its structure is relatively simple and has fewer functions, it is called a flight training device.