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What is the training in the flight attendant service training cabin?

Maybe some friends don’t know that, for the students of the flight attendant school, before graduation, the school will let everyone go to the flight attendant service training cabin for practical training, then during the practical training, the flight attendant service training cabin will generally train What content? Next, I will give you a detailed introduction.

1. Basic cabin in-cabin skills training, mainly including cabin service simulation training, conductor operation panel operation training, in-flight broadcasting and intercom operations, etc.

2. It is necessary to conduct emergency exit training, such as the professional skills of properly opening or closing the aircraft cabin door in an emergency, which includes detection, safety and emergency evacuation functions. The function and appearance of the cabin door are based on the real aircraft It also includes a slide pumping simulation system, a boarding door common fault simulation system and a doorway visual simulation system, and the boarding door also has a door opening and closing driving force.

Generally speaking, the purpose of setting up flight attendant service training cabin training courses is to help us understand the daily conditions of passengers in the cabin, make us familiar with the management and service work of passengers in various situations, understand various safety management rules in the cabin, And flexibly use these rules to deal with abnormal situations in the cabin, properly solve problems, handle different types of accidents, and understand how flight attendants should deal with various abnormal situations on the plane.