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What can I learn from the aviation simulation cabin training course?

Students majoring in flight attendants will be exposed to aviation simulation cabins in class, soaviation simulation cabinWhat knowledge can you bring to the students? What can you learn from the aviation simulation cabin training course? Today, Langfang Development Zone Xiangkun Aviation Simulation Equipment Co., Ltd. will tell you about the aviation simulation cabin training course.

First of all, why do we conduct training courses in aviation simulation cabins? One of the most important points is safety. Since the working environment of flight attendants is at high altitude, once an accident occurs in the plane, they must remain absolutely calm and be able to think clearly and Instruct others how to help themselves.

Therefore, being familiar with the various equipment on the plane is a must for every flight attendant student, and blindly carrying out theoretical education will not allow students to really master it, so at this time, it is necessary to use a simulation training cabin, so that students can practice by themselves. operation, deepen understanding and memory.

Secondly, basic cabin skills training can be carried out in the aviation simulation cabin. The main functions include cabin service simulation training, flight attendant service practical operation, in-flight broadcast and snoring operation and other training contents. For ordinary passengers and special passengers, the cabin simulation service is provided by The students played the role of crew members and passengers for practical training, simulating real situations, so that they could understand the different characteristics of special passengers and ordinary passengers on the plane, and how to deal with them.

In general, the degree-of-freedom aviation simulation cabin is mainly used for students to carry out practical operation training, from the period from passenger boarding to disembarking, to air emergency handling, and school soybean milk for practical training. The combination of theory and practice effectively Theoretical knowledge is transformed into practical training, so that you can apply what you have learned, and make adequate preparations to adapt to the future working environment with good taillights.