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Can I pass the security check simulation system if I take alcohol and cigarettes on the high-speed train?

Every New Year or a holiday, when people go back to their hometown by high-speed rail, in many cases they will bring some gifts to the elderly or children at home. , Take the high-speed train with alcohol and cigarettes, can you passSecurity simulation systemWhat about the inspection? I would like to introduce it to you below.

Some friends who are going to return to their hometown or from their hometown to the city may buy some pure grain wine brewed in the city or brewed in their hometown, and carry it with them, usually using some plastic cans or drink cans. It is often referred to as bulk wine. If there are too many people carrying high-speed trains, the glass bottle may be crushed. Seriously, it will cause the glass bottle to leak wine or even cause a fire. Therefore, when they pass the security inspection simulation system, they will It will refuse you to take this with flammable materials. Therefore, when you take the high-speed rail, you are not allowed to bring bulk liquor. You can only bring some with reliable labels and tight packaging to your hometown, and No more than 6 bottles can be taken at a time. If it is pure grain wine of 50%, then only 3 bottles can be brought.

Some high-speed trains are also limited. For example, you can only bring 3 boxes of matchsticks, and only 2 lighters. For cigarettes, each passenger can only take 50 pieces of tobacco. If there are more, you need to provide some Only the application for the certificate will be processed, so everyone should pay attention when they go out.

It is also for the safety of everyone that high-speed trains are not allowed to carry bulk liquor. They cannot pass the detection of the security inspection simulation system. If it is indeed squeezed out accidentally, the adverse effects are unpredictable, so these standards are required.