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The hardware equipment of the airport simulation system adopts the special equipment of the airport

Airport Simulation System The airport terminal is a complete set of check-in procedures for ground staff to purchase air tickets from passengers, check boarding passes, check-in and luggage security procedures, etc. All the service processes. Including ticketing service; check-in service; security check service; luggage service ; boarding service.

The airport terminal is a work procedure that simulates and trains the ground staff of the airport terminal to provide passengers with various service processes from purchasing tickets, entering the airport to boarding. The training objects include ticket conductors, check-in staff, security inspectors, baggage attendants, etc. .

The hardware equipment adopts airport-specific equipment as follows:

Host server 2, computer host 3, ticket machine terminal 4, X-ray security inspection machine 5, security gate 6, hand-held metal detector 7, check-in system 8, aerial display system 9, camera 10, luggage electronic weighing device 11, Telephone booth 12, luggage trolley 13, passenger rest seat 14, mobile phone charging station 15, ticketing and customer service information desk 16 Self-service and manual check-in counter 17, luggage packing service desk 18, security check verification service desk 19 Security isolation belt 20, Guidance sign 21, identification light box 22, safety sign 23, safety search station 24, broadcasting system 25, clock system 26, air display system software 27 departure system software 28, baggage system software 29, security inspection system software.

The above is an integral part of the ground handling service system of the airport simulation system. The company can freely choose some of its functions for construction or propose teaching requirements according to the site and teaching needs.