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What is the overall design of the airline ticketing simulation system?

The aviation ticketing simulation system has been put into use in many aviation colleges and universities, which has laid a good foundation for their later work. What is its overall design? Let us introduce it to you.

The overall design of the air ticketing simulation system is as follows:

1. Overall target design plan: In today's society, along with the trend of economic development, the information management methods of civil aviation ticketing and ticketing are becoming more and more complicated, and traditional manual filing and standardized management have long been unable to apply to the fast-paced and efficient contemporary daily life requirements. , so it seems very necessary to develop and design a civil aviation ticketing system.

2. Concept of development and design scheme: Use the current hardware and software environment and good management methods of the system as much as possible, so as to use the system resources flexibly, improve the level of system development and design and the actual effect of application. The system should meet the requirements of the ticket office, Consider the needs of daily management, and comply with the requirements of visualization, convenience, ease of use, and safety in the operation process. The system should have a database maintenance function, and carry out practical operations such as adding, deleting, and changing data information according to user needs.

3. System function structure: It can be seen from the content of the function description that this design scheme can complete 6 detailed functions. According to this function, the function modules of the system are designed. Each function module needs to perform the same operation on the same table. database operations.

4. Analysis of data information steps: Master the functional module division of the system and the relationship between the control modules, which is an important part of the detailed design of the system. If you want to have a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the system, you can also carry out system steps analyze.

5. Overall design of data information definition: With data flow diagram, we design various entity lines that can meet customer needs and various entity lines on the basis of demand analysis report, and clarify the relationship among them, laying the foundation for the subsequent logical structure.

The overall design of the air ticketing simulation system is as described above, if you have any questions, we welcome you to leave a message or call to communicate with us.