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Composition of high-speed rail analog ticketing system

The establishment of the high-speed rail simulation ticketing system is based on the national conditions of a large number of professional talent gaps in the subway and railway ticket systems, and the school's desire for professional talent training. By establishing a set of simulated subway and railway ticketing systems with complete functions, advanced equipment, and teaching The system realizes the daily operation and management of passengers from management, identity verification, security inspection management, and ticket inspection in and out of the station. A good scientific research platform is of great significance.

High-speed rail simulated ticketing system, subway simulated fare collection system automatic fare collection afc training system parameters (automatic ticket inspection machine)

The high-speed rail ticket checking machine is an important part of the high-speed rail ticket. It is installed at the exit of the train at the junction of the waiting area and the boarding area of ​​each station. It can prevent invalid tickets from passing, and also effectively control the order of passengers entering and exiting the station.

The ticket checking of the automatic ticket checking machine should conform to the passenger's habit of holding the ticket in the right hand. Check the validity of the ticket. If the ticket check is valid, the ticket will be sent to the ticket collection gate. If the ticket is invalid, the ticket should be returned to the insertion port, and the passenger should be reminded that the ticket is invalid, and the passenger should consult the staff.

The ticket checking socket should only allow one ticket to be inserted at the same time, and if the recycling device is processing the ticket, it should not accept the next ticket until the ticket verification is completed.

All transaction data processed at the automatic ticket gate, including valid and invalid ticket transaction data, should be uploaded to the server.

The main components of the automatic ticket gate are: flap gate machine, industrial control board, passenger display, recognizer, ticket recognition and transmission module, etc.

The slap gate machine adopts the servo control technology movement, which can effectively guarantee the trouble-free use under the large passenger flow for a long time. The servo movement integrates the servo motor, the positioning encoder, and the servo closed-loop driver. It is small in size, low in power consumption, and accurate in positioning. ;With pid automatic parameter adjustment function and acceleration and deceleration function, the speed regulation is smooth and smooth; with under-voltage, over-voltage, overload, over-current, over-temperature and encoder abnormal protection functions; with anti-pinch function, and resistance during operation Protection function; modular design, low failure rate, stable operation of the whole module, low noise, and adapt to the long-term impact of large passenger flow.

The operating life of the flapping door mechanism is not less than 10 million times, and it has a durability test report issued by a third-party testing agency certified by CNAs.