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Aviation Simulator 1 Plus X Product Specifications

The product structure of aviation simulation cabin 1 plus X is made of galvanized steel frame, galvanized sheet, and stainless steel.

The frame features of Aviation Simulator 1 plus X are: detachable, easy to transport, install and place.

Aviation simulation cabin 1 plus X customization type: more than 100 styles can be customized according to different decorations

Aviation simulation cabin 1 plus X customized specifications: the length can be customized from 3 meters to 100 meters

Aviation simulation warehouse 1 plus X service places: department stores, shopping malls, public places, garden landscapes, hotel leisure plazas, theme parks, etc.

Aviation simulation warehouse 1 plus X Packing instructions: high-quality bubble bag and carpet packaging plus wooden frame, single packaging, to prevent damage during transportation.

Aviation simulation warehouse 1 plus X service scope: integrating design, production, sales, installation and after-sales.

Aviation Simulator 1 Plus X Service Level:

Before takeoff: 1. Welcome guests; 2. Close the cabin door; 3. Security check; 4. Receive meals

Level flight: 1. Subtle service; 2. Water delivery; 3. Meal delivery; 4. Food collection; 5. Cleaning the cabin; 6. Safety check before landing; 7. Ground broadcasting

After landing: 1. Arrival broadcast; 2. Open the hatch; 3. Farewell

Safety level of aviation simulation cabin 1 plus X;

Cabin first aid: 1. Fire extinguishing; 2. Medical treatment; 3. Decompression; 4. Water evacuation.

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