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Configuration instructions for the aircraft simulation cabin

Overview of aircraft simulation cabin configuration:

1. The total length is 26 meters (conventional size, other sizes can be customized), the width is 3.25 meters, and the height is 2.8 meters. It is designed and manufactured with a 1:1 layout. The cabin layout and decoration configuration include compartment training area, full-function door, luggage rack, First-class seats, second-class seats, crew service bar, functional right door area, functional intercom broadcasting system, various lights in the car, toilets, dining tables (generally equipped with a row, more can be added according to the length), windows, safety hammer, warning Signs, guide signs, and ventilation systems in various areas of the car. The front of the car is made according to the ratio of 1:1 of the real EMU. The front appearance is the same as that of the Fuxing EMU, and the aesthetically streamlined EMU is beautiful. The interior of the cab It has been decorated. There is one main screen in the cab, one on each side of the secondary screen, buttons with imitation functions, and a joystick.

3. Car seat layout and configuration properties:

1. Equipped with first-class seats: seat length (mm) 1300±10; seat width (mm) 560±10; seat height (mm) 1247±10; seat height from the ground (mm) 430±10; 180 The seat back angle adjustment degree is 90-115.6 degrees. Equipped with a hidden small table, the seat does not rotate.

2. Equipped with 2nd class seats: simulate real high-speed rail 8 rows 3 plus 2 layout or 2 plus 2 layout, without rotation, logo pillow cover on the back, adjustable seat back device, seat belt, dining table, seat back back There are net pockets. The length of the seat is about (mm) 980±10; the total width of the seat is about (mm) 560±10; the height of the seat is about (mm) 1173±10; the height of the seat cushion from the ground is about (mm) ) 430±10; the width of the seat cushion is about (mm) 435±10; the height of the armrest from the ground is about (mm) 610±10; the width of the seat back is about (mm) 430±10; the angle of the seat back is adjusted to 90-115 degrees, equipped with a small table.