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What are the application scope of aviation simulation cabin?

The aviation simulation cabin is a necessary courseware for the flight attendant major in vocational colleges. Some people ask why, because the flight attendant’s working environment is at high altitude, once an accident occurs on the plane, she must stay awake and be able to think clearly and guide others how to save themselves. Therefore, every flight attendant needs to master the various equipment on the plane, instead of blindly teaching children to understand these things through theoretical education. It is convenient, so the aviation simulation cabin is indispensable, allowing students to actually operate it by themselves, deepening understanding and memory.

Aviation simulation cabins are mostly used for large-scale exhibitions and simulation teaching and training. They are widely used in parks, scenic spots, schools, vocational colleges, aviation training bases, exhibition halls, science and technology museums, residential communities, real estate sales offices, large shopping malls, etc. multiple fields.

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