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Function introduction of high-speed rail cabin

The high-speed rail cabin is composed of the cabin structure, internal equipment, interior decoration, electrical system and emergency system. The high-speed rail cabin imitates the upper part of the high-speed rail head wheel rail, integrating the interior of the cockpit, first-class seating area, bathroom area, fire equipment area, tea stove area, Door area, passenger screen door, 2nd class passenger area, instructor room area, dining car bar and other parts are integrated into one, which can complete the following training functions:

Familiar with various schemes and structures in the high-speed rail cabin.

Familiar with high-speed rail compartment doors, cab doors, fire partition doors.

Familiar with the first-class passenger area in the high-speed rail car.

Familiar with the second-class passenger area of ​​the high-speed rail cabin.

Familiar with high-speed rail cabin toilet planning.

Familiar with the passenger information system of high-speed rail carriages (both inside and outside the car).

Familiarize yourself with the water dispenser in the high-speed rail cabin.

Familiar with high-speed rail car lighting system control.

Familiar with the high-speed rail cabin broadcast system.

Familiar with the internal communication system of high-speed rail cars.

Familiar with high-speed train cabin emergency system (emergency lighting, emergency escape window and window hammer, fire extinguisher).

Familiar with the local area of ​​the high-speed rail car dining car bar.

Familiarize yourself with the interior area of ​​the high-speed train cabin.

Familiar with the radio broadcasting system in the high-speed rail cabin.

Familiar with the train display system in the high-speed rail carriage.

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