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Manufacturing process of high-speed rail cabin

The shape simulates the upper part of the wheel rail of the head of the high-speed rail, which integrates the interior of the cockpit, the first-class seating area, the toilet area, the fire-fighting equipment area, the tea stove area, the door area, the passenger screen door, the second-class passenger area, the instructor room area, the dining car bar and other parts In one, the following training functions can be realized: familiar with various layouts and structures in the high-speed rail cabin; familiar with the interior doors, cab doors, and fire isolation doors of the Fuxing high-speed rail compartment; familiar with the first-class passenger area in the high-speed rail compartment; familiar with the second-class high-speed rail cabin Passengers; familiar with the layout of the high-speed rail cabin toilets; familiar with the passenger information system (inside and outside the train) of the high-speed rail cabin; familiar with the water dispenser in the high-speed rail cabin; familiar with the lighting system control of the high-speed rail cabin; familiar with the high-speed rail cabin broadcasting system; familiar with the high-speed rail cabin internal communication system; System (emergency lighting, emergency escape window, window hammer, fire extinguisher); familiar with some areas of the dining bar in the high-speed rail cabin; familiar with the interior area of ​​the high-speed rail cabin instructor's room; familiar with the high-speed rail cabin arrival broadcast system; familiar with the train display system of the high-speed rail compartment. Cabin General layout plan of structure, internal equipment, internal decoration, electrical system, emergency system, etc. The hut is fixed on the ground of the training hall. General layout: The overall size of the equipment is: 15-35 meters long; 3.25 meters wide; 2.8 meters high ;Empty 13 tons. The skeleton is made of 5 mm thick steel plate, high-precision arc welding, and covered with 2 mm thick galvanized sheet. The whole car is rust-proof. The windows on the 2 sides of the body are tempered glass. Emergency exits are provided Safety signs and safety hammer signs.

High-speed rail model car body: Fuxing high-speed rail Cr400bf high-speed rail professional training equipment subway train crew training simulation cabin model is a high-strength, lightweight car body welded by large hollow profiles. The unified car body length is 25000 mm, and the carriage is larger The width is 3360 mm, the height is 3000 mm, and the air conditioner and other equipment are embedded in the design to achieve a smooth longitudinal section of the train. The new streamlined head design further reduces the resistance during high-speed operation. The anti-collision energy-absorbing structure and device are designed to improve the Safety protection performance.

Manufacturing process: The high-speed rail cabin is assembled from four parts: the car body, the bogie, the large parts for loading and unloading, and the interior facilities. The aluminum alloy frame technology of the car body: The car body is the skeleton of the train and is the core of high-speed train manufacturing One. All parts are fixed or suspended on the body. Moreover, in the event of a safety accident, its strength is related to whether the safety of passengers can be protected to the greatest extent. The manufacturing process of the body is: First, the aluminum alloy raw materials are sized Laser cutting and water cutting are carried out, and then processed and welded into different parts, which are then assembled and welded into the body. Material technology: aluminum alloy is one of the materials for the production of high-speed rail. The weight of aluminum is only about one-third of that of steel. , but the strength of aluminum is very low. Therefore, at present, most aluminum alloy car bodies generally adopt a "cylindrical structure composed of large-section hollow extruded profiles", that is, the middle is empty, but the support ribs are sandwiched between the two surfaces, which improves the strength and reduced weight.

High-speed rail cabins can meet the needs of educational service companies and training bases, and can reach strategic cooperation with colleges. School-enterprise cooperation can meet the needs of students' career development, promote students' employment, and help students improve their employment competitiveness. Through the training of school-enterprise cooperation, students are practicing Generally have good professional awareness and post-production ability.