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The main training of aviation simulation warehouse

Because flight attendants work at high altitudes, they need to keep calm, be able to think clearly, and teach others how to save themselves. Therefore, it is necessary for every flight attendant to understand the various equipment on the plane, but the students cannot really grasp it by blindly carrying out theoretical education. Therefore, it is necessary to apply it to an aviation simulation warehouse so that students can actually operate it.

For example, B737-800\/320 contains an emergency evacuation cabin: this training cabin weighs 19 tons empty and can carry 81 people when fully loaded. Simulates the real environment of B737-800\/A320 aircraft. The training cabin is used for emergency training of various crew members. When the aircraft is in an emergency state, it helps passengers to use the onboard emergency equipment correctly, follow the prescribed emergency evacuation procedures correctly, skillfully open various escape exits\/doors of the aircraft, and sensitively guide passengers to evacuate from the cockpit.

The main training contents of the aviation simulation cabin include: understanding the cockpit escape exit, the communication drill between the cockpit and the passenger cabin, the joint flight crew escape drill, the application drill of the smoke mask and oxygen mask, the normal opening and emergency opening of the cabin door, Emergency opening drills for emergency windows, emergency land evacuation drills from the cabin using slides, emergency land evacuation drills from the cabin using emergency windows, cabin simulation and rescue drills, cabin pressure loss simulation drills, various fault simulation drills, cabin lighting control drills, flight attendants Personnel control panel pull operation drill, in flight.

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