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Application of aircraft simulation warehouse

High-speed rail, aircraft simulation warehouses, etc. are usually used in schools and training bases. These simulation models are made by simulating the shape of Fuxing EMU, Boeing 737, and Airbus A320, and the dimensions are welded according to a nearly one-to-one layout. The width of the high-speed rail simulation cabin is almost close to that of the real train, and the environment of the aircraft simulation cabin will be slightly reduced according to the school site. If possible, the school's training room is built indoors, of course, the simulation cabin can also be built outdoors. If it is indoors, it needs to be On-site production and processing; otherwise, it will be manufactured in the factory and shipped to the site, and you will not be able to enter.

Once the aircraft simulation cabin is decided to be restored one by one, the interior should be equipped with the same facilities as the real cabin, including not only the cockpit, toilet, economy class, second-class seating area, dining bar, instructor voice broadcast room, etc.

After ten years of rapid development, high-speed rail and airplanes have become important means of transportation for people's daily travel, and "returning to Jiangling in one day" has already become a reality. They have not only changed the constantly refreshed "China Speed", but also brought regional and urban development. New models and opportunities. High-speed rail has the characteristics of high speed, large capacity, intensification, and commuting, and has better competitiveness in medium-distance travel. The ten years that high-speed rail started from nothing is also the ten years of rapid urbanization in China Countless large, medium and small cities are connected in series by high-speed rail, which makes the flow of people, money and goods between cities and regions more convenient and efficient. High-speed rail and airplanes are changing the pattern of Chinese cities at a fast speed.

With their rapid development, the demand for corresponding professional talents and service personnel has increased rapidly. Now many colleges and universities have developed the profession of simulation warehouse, and the requirements for teaching level are getting higher and higher after the relative selectivity is much higher. Is there any The practical class has become a necessary competitive factor. Of course, the practical class is not really going to the high-speed rail or the plane. After all, the level of the students is not enough, so the high-speed rail simulation warehouse and the aircraft simulation warehouse have become a key to the development of the crew.