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Classification of aircraft simulation cabins

The aircraft simulation warehouse is to place a horizontal model aircraft between 3 mutually perpendicular planes, so that the longitudinal axis of the fuselage is perpendicular to one plane and parallel to the other 2 planes. If we look at the plane simulation from 3 directions far enough Warehouse, draw the shape we see on each plane, that is, project the model aircraft on 3 mutually perpendicular planes, and then expand these 3 mutually perpendicular planes, you can get the right top view, side view and front view The 3 graphs shown in . Generally speaking, the shape and main dimensions of the model aircraft can be accurately expressed by these 3 views.

According to the different control forms of the model aircraft, the classification of the aircraft simulation warehouse can be divided into three categories: free flight, wire control and remote control. There are many kinds of static aircraft models, such as metal, plastic, resin, fiberglass, etc., which can be divided into more than 10cm according to the proportion , 20cm, 30cm, 40cm or even more than one meter. For example, there are J-10 aircraft models, J-15 carrier aircraft models, J-20 aircraft models, J-11\/J-11B aircraft models, etc. There are many types of dynamic aircraft models, and the main materials There are EPP foam, EPO foam, KT board, etc. Dynamic aircraft models can fly, mainly remote control aircraft models, and the flight direction and speed are controlled by people through remote control. The flight power is usually realized by batteries or gasoline.

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