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The value of aviation simulation warehouse

Aviation Simulation Warehouse This project can meet the teaching needs of theoretical courses and practical courses, better carry out civil aviation workplace etiquette, civil aviation emergency response, civil aviation ground service, civil aviation ground check-in service and civil aviation ground security inspection service, and realize the mixing of engineering and learning. Teaching. It provides a place for research and discussion, and provides sustainable data for course research. After the aviation training room is built, there are 2 main purposes:

Carry out all experimental training courses in the direction of flight attendants; 2 is to support the organization of flight attendant skills competition; 3 is to carry out social training and social services; 4, as the basis for school-enterprise cooperation.

Practical training courses. The aviation simulation warehouse can support the training of flight attendants in different directions. It takes the flight attendant workflow as the main line, organically integrates rail transit, hotel catering, travel agency scenic spots, transportation, shopping and entertainment and other related industries to carry out relevant practical training courses. .After the completion of the training room, it can support the training needs of the flight attendants of the whole hospital, and provide a strong guarantee for the extension and development of the course.

Skill competition. The aviation simulation warehouse provides a broad space for the flight attendant skills competition and lays the foundation for the development of the flight attendant skills competition. The aviation service training room can be used to carry out flight attendant related skills competitions, and also for teachers and students of our school to participate in industry and flight attendant skills. The competition provides a special training venue. The training room can be used as a competition venue for intramural competitions.

Social training. After the aviation simulation warehouse is built, it can cooperate with the industry, other colleges and other three parties to strengthen exchanges between colleges and universities, and carry out qualification training and examinations for practitioners, such as safety inspector training, related practitioner training, certification exams, etc. , Can also cooperate with the industry to train industry backup employees, such as airport operators, stowage personnel, volunteers, service desk receptionists and other training.

School-enterprise cooperation. After the aviation simulation warehouse is built, it can enhance the students' ability to practice activities. At the same time, the off-campus experimental base can be combined with the on-campus experimental base to attract industrial enterprises to enter the school, participate in practical teaching activities, and attract the talent needs of industrial enterprises to In the content of the experimental course. In addition, targeted personnel training can also be carried out to provide customized services for enterprises. Therefore, the establishment of the aviation service training room combines the construction of enterprises and flight attendants, and the off-campus practice base and the on-campus training base are connected. The combination is the link between the enterprise and the school.