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What can the high-speed rail simulation ticketing system help students learn?

The high-speed rail simulation ticketing system has established a set of simulation railway ticketing system with complete functions, new equipment and strong teaching pertinence. It has completed daily ticketing operations such as passenger ticket processing, personal identification, security inspection, entry and exit ticket inspection. On the basis of knowledge level, it is of great significance to cultivate students' service knowledge and practice hands-on operation methods, and also provide a good scientific research platform for teachers.

The software and hardware of the high-speed rail simulation ticketing system can be completed and practiced. The station functions normally, and can simulate the operation and processing procedures of personnel in different positions in the real working environment, thereby enhancing students' hands-on ability.

The detailed functions of the high-speed rail simulation ticketing system are as follows:

1. The intuitive view enables students to understand the composition of the ticketing system and the process of entry and exit.

2. After learning the operation of manual ticketing equipment, students can sell and exchange tickets proficiently.

3. Students can understand the internal structure and operation process of the ticket gate and automatic ticket machine modules, and have certain maintenance and repair talents.

4. Students can learn to manually check the consistency of passenger ID cards, teach passengers to use the automatic ID card consistency verification door to imitate characters, learn etiquette, and improve students' communication and expression skills.

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