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Training content of flight attendant training cabin

Since the working environment of flight attendants is at high altitude, once an accident occurs in the plane, you must keep calm, be able to think clearly, and instruct others how to save themselves. Therefore, every flight attendant student must be familiar with various equipment on the plane, and it is impossible for students to blindly master theoretical education Therefore, it is necessary to apply it to the flight attendant service training cabin, so that students can actually operate and deepen their understanding and memory.

Flight attendant service training cabin: It is mainly used for ground training equipment for cabin service, emergency handling and crew safety awareness. The main training functions of the flight attendant service training cabin include: cabin equipment theoretical study, cabin safety theory study, etiquette service training, cabin service simulation Training, flight attendant control panel operation training, in-flight broadcast and intercom operation training, overhead luggage opening training, cabin service module (PSU) operation training, first class and economy class catering service theory and course training, various facilities in the toilet (without Sewage function) practical operation, kitchen equipment operation and use training, passenger call handling training, emergency handling training, boarding gate emergency operation training, cabin confidential use of oxygen mask training, simulated firefighting training, cabin acoustic environment simulation training, outdoor visual environment Simulation training, closed-circuit monitoring of training process and post-class evaluation.

The flight attendant service training cabins of general aviation are designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant regulations and requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration of China's Public Air Transport Carrier Operation Certification Regulations (CCAR-121FS). Therefore, students should study carefully, because these are all It is knowledge that will save lives later.

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