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Technical Features of Orbital Training Pod 1 Plus X

Orbital training cabin 1 plus X is one of the main products produced and sold by our company, which is widely used in many related colleges. It can do corresponding training work for college students before they use related equipment, improve their proficiency, and prepare for the future Get ready. What are the features of this product? Let me introduce it to you.

This time, we will introduce the technical features of Orbital Training Pod 1 Plus X as follows:

1. Realistic simulation of safe driving, accurate simulation of natural environment and control actions, simulation of solving common vehicle failures, and evaluation of emergency response.

2. It can save the cost of such training schools, and can also provide students with real learning and training scenarios. The skills simulation training system can not only improve the quality of running schools, but also attract a large number of new students.

3. The track training cabin 1 plus X is composed of 6 parts, which can exert the specific skills of the trainees as a whole, and give feedback and evaluation of the information content. The cab provides a realistic natural environment for safe driving, and 6 degrees of freedom movement The simulation platform provides a realistic environment, the multi-channel display system completes a large-angle, high-immersion visual effect of the natural environment, the teacher's control panel settings, assessment, evaluation of training subjects, and students watch the natural environment with a large angle.

Orbital training module 1 plus X simulation system, of course, the system has very strict regulations for each stage. In the above 6 hardware configuration systems, important links affect each other.

The features of Orbital Training Pod 1 Plus X are introduced above, and I hope it can help you. If you need to consult and learn more about related products, we welcome you to leave a message or call us.