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Construction and function introduction of high-speed rail cabin

The high-speed rail cabin construction project is to fully investigate the market demand for high-speed rail talents, and start classes in combination with the school's existing training room. On the premise of meeting the needs, new high-speed rail cabins will be built, including: high-speed rail cabins, high-speed rail ticket sales training, security inspection training; built in teaching Building S on the 2nd floor (next to the Student Affairs Service Center). The high-speed rail crew comprehensive training room has multi-post collaborative training, high-speed rail drivers, flight attendants, ticket inspectors, security inspectors, inspectors and other types of work. The multi-post collaborative training can meet the needs of high-speed rail crew members. It realizes the effective interaction of theoretical teaching, practical training operation and simulation of real work scenarios, cultivates students' practical ability, standardizes operation, and forms a passenger service system.

The high-speed rail cabin can meet the current high-speed rail crew, passenger transportation, ticketing, security inspection and other training operations; the high-speed rail cabin in the high-speed rail crew training room is equipped with cab, high-speed rail cabin, dining car, spare parts cabinet, fire fighting, broadcasting system and other facilities, which can be used for the flight attendants. Carry out multi-functional training; the ticketing training room can purchase tickets, check tickets, query the fare linkage, and train the functions of the conductors; the security inspection simulates the import and export security inspection operations, and realizes the identification of dangerous goods, emergency treatment, ticket inspection and other standardized operations.

(1) The high-speed train cabin training room includes multi-functional training operation modules such as cab, crew cabin, dining bar, spare parts cabinet, electrical cabinet, fire protection system, broadcasting system, etc. Inspector emergency response, dangerous goods identification and investigation, etc.

(2) The high-speed rail ticketing training room in the high-speed rail cabin is mainly composed of ticketing equipment, inquiry equipment, and ticket checking equipment.

(3) The high-speed rail security inspection training room in the high-speed rail cabin mainly includes security checkpoints, X-ray machines (baggage inspection machines), and hand-held metal detectors, which are mainly used for baggage inspection and dangerous goods handling by security personnel.

(4) High-speed rail cabins can realize high-speed rail multi-post linkage and comprehensive drills; collaborative drills can be carried out in groups, with real scene simulation teaching, typical work task practical training assessment, and the formation of security inspection, ticketing, passenger transportation, crew, patrol inspection, and multi-type coordination of drivers. drill.