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The composition of the high-speed rail compartment

High-speed rail cabin training can make students more proficient in practical operations. How to serve and how to deal with some emergencies during the period from boarding to disembarking can be more practical operational training. And the combination of theory and practice can be more effective. Book knowledge is transformed into practical experience, to achieve the effect of applying what you have learned, and prepare for work.

What are the components of the high-speed rail compartment? In this article, we will introduce it to you.

The structure of the high-speed rail cabin is mainly composed of the following contents:

1. Cab skeleton: According to the appearance design of Fuxing High-speed Railway, it is simulated and manufactured at a ratio of 1:1. The skeleton is composed of beams and frame panels, and the appearance of beam frames and frame panels is formed by numerical simulation and optical fiber cutting.

2. The outer wall of the engine room: the outer wall is a thick-walled shell structure, and the horizontal prefabricated components are laser-cut from thick steel plates. Welding is carried out on the basis of ensuring the size, and the longitudinal and transverse prefabricated components are welded into one. , riveted with the frame, longitudinal beams, and beams to ensure that the cockpit has sufficient compressive strength and bending rigidity.

3. Floor frame: weld several frame screw devices, each of which is made of high-quality alloy steel. The floor frame is connected to the floor through screws. compressive strength and flexural stiffness.

4. Rear end plate: It is composed of skeleton and galvanized steel plate. The skeleton is made of high-quality alloy steel, which is welded with the rear inner hole frame of the cockpit. The outer galvanized steel plate of the skeleton is welded to enhance the airtightness of the cabin.

The structure of the high-speed rail cabin is mainly composed of the above contents. I hope our introduction can be helpful to you, and you can consult more related products. We welcome you to leave us a message or call us.