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Introduction to Airport Simulation System

Every flight attendant student must be familiar with various equipment on the plane, and students cannot blindly master theoretical education. Therefore, it is necessary to apply it to the flight attendant service training cabin, so that students can actually operate, deepen understanding and memory. Flight attendant service training Cabin: It is mainly used for cabin service, emergency handling and crew safety awareness ground training equipment. The main training functions of the flight attendant service training cabin include: cabin equipment theory study, cabin safety theory study, etiquette service training, cabin service simulation training, flight attendant Control panel operation training, general aviation flight attendant service training cabins are designed and manufactured in accordance with the corresponding regulations and requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration of China Public Air Transport Carrier Operation Qualification Certification Rules (CCAR-121FS). Therefore, students must study carefully , because these are knowledge that will save lives in the future.

There will be one group (3 beds) of passenger hard sleepers and one group (2 beds) of passenger soft sleepers. The soft sleepers and hard sleepers are opposite, with standing positions and a real dining table in the middle. Passenger hard sleepers and soft sleepers follow the real iron It is made in the proportion of a passenger sleeper, using light alloy environmental protection materials, the cover cloth and quilt cover are brand new, and there is a curtain partition between the aisle of the carriage, and the curtain can be opened or closed manually. The carriage will be equipped with 1 row (8 seats) ) Dining tables and seats for the train. There are 2 dining tables and 8 seats.

Airport Simulation System The airport terminal building is all the service process for the ground staff to purchase tickets from passengers, handle boarding passes, security checks and luggage security checks, etc., and a full set of check-in procedures. Including ticketing services; check-in services; security check services; luggage services; boarding service.

The airport terminal building is to simulate and train the working procedures of the ground staff in the airport terminal building for each service process of passengers from purchasing tickets, entering the airport to boarding. The training objects include ticket sellers, check-in personnel, security inspectors, baggage attendants, etc. .