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What is the use of the aviation simulation cabin? Is it worth buying? What effect does it have?

What is the use of the aviation simulation cabin? Is it worth buying? What is the effect of buying it?

In my opinion, the aviation simulation cabin is a necessary courseware for flight attendants in vocational colleges. Some people ask why, because the working environment of flight attendants is at a high altitude. Once an accident occurs on the plane, they must stay awake and be able to think clearly and Instruct others how to save themselves, so every flight attendant needs to master the various equipment on the plane, instead of just letting children know these things blindly from theoretical education, the knowledge learned in this way is not as solid as personal experience, and can be applied in emergencies It will not be particularly easy to get up, so the simulation cabin is essential, allowing students to actually operate by themselves to deepen understanding and memory.

Aviation simulation is mainly a training equipment for cabin service, emergency handling and safety awareness for flight attendants. The main training functions of aviation simulation cabin include: cabin equipment theory study, cabin safety theory study, etiquette service study, cabin service simulation training, flight attendant control Panel operation training, in-flight broadcasting and telephone service operation training, trunk opening and closing training, passenger service unit (PSU) operation training, first-class and economy class meal service theory and operation training, various facilities inside the bathroom ( No sewage function), the operation and use training of kitchen equipment, passenger call handling training, emergency handling training, boarding gate operation training, cabin confidentiality using oxygen mask training, simulated fire extinguishing training, cabin sound environment simulation training, Simulated training of the visual environment outside the cabin, closed-circuit monitoring of the training process and post-class commentary.