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The significance of the aircraft simulation cabin

The aircraft simulation cabin system has the advantages of special innovation, high technology and rationality, and is widely used in the army. The simulator is composed of speed simulation simulation, vision, cabin environment control and other machines.

Aviation Simulator: The Significance of Aircraft Simulators

Looking around the scenery outside the cockpit, you can see the real natural environment. The flight staff can not only distinguish the status, location, altitude, speed and temperature of the airport, but also display information through the computer. Inside the simulator, feel When the operator controls the equipment, the instrument panel and the indicator light can give corresponding feedback, and at the same time, the sound from the machine and the sound of the external environment can be heard.

In normal simulation training, the importance and rationality of the aircraft simulation cabin is irreplaceable. It can provide flight simulation as soon as possible and accurately evaluate the results for users, thereby achieving efficient learning and training purposes and improving the quality of flight training. .

Its monitoring system is mainly used to monitor and control flight training conditions. It can not only display various main parameters (altitude, speed, forward direction, attitude), motion trajectory, but also set various flight standards (wind force, wind frequency , average temperature, standard air pressure, start and stop position). It can also set common faults to train pilots' ability to distinguish and solve common faults.

The use of the aircraft simulation cabin is of great significance, and it provides effective help for training various abilities of pilots.