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What is included in the aviation simulation cabin

The content of the aviation simulation warehouse keeps up with the development needs of the industry. In the training process, the industry's skill requirements for talents are used as the criterion to fully display all the working links of the airport hall. The platform will continue to update and improve the new characteristics of the industry in line with the development direction of the industry , a new concept, realize the real-time interaction between flight attendant construction and industry development, accurately grasp the pulse of industry development, provide experimental research data for research on related topics in the flight attendant industry, and closely connect the teaching team with the industry and enterprises.

The aviation simulation cabin supports the horizontal issues related to social training. In addition to academic and vertical research, we should base ourselves on the industry and contribute to the development of the local flight attendant industry. At present, there is a problem that the content of flight attendant courses is out of touch with the industry. The introduction of the training room will effectively link our courses with the industry, and link the course content with the simulated work process. In addition to providing qualified talents for industry companies, we can also undertake product development, talent training, management diagnosis, etc. Research on related horizontal issues.

Set up regional social service points and skill qualification training points in the university town, so as to radiate the teacher training points of secondary vocational colleges or some higher vocational colleges, and improve the social influence and popularity of the colleges. The aviation simulation warehouse provides flight attendants with It is a training place for courses such as airport volunteer service, airport check-in, cabin service, airport consultation and reception, and tourism skills training. The ground training room can provide training places for courses such as airport check-in service, airport baggage check-in service, and airport security check. 3D simulation The workplace training room and the ground training room provide relevant skill training for flight attendants from other industries and three-party organizations. After the completion of the aviation simulation warehouse, it will inject new vitality into flight attendant training. It can not only meet the experimental needs of flight attendants, but also It can achieve external development, undertake the training of local flight attendants, and improve the overall service level and management level of the local flight attendant industry.