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What is 1 Plus X Airport?

1 Plus X airport is the base for the safe take-off and landing of aircraft and the distribution center for air transportation of passengers and goods. It includes three parts: the flight area, the passenger and cargo transportation service area and the maintenance area.

1,1 plus X airport flight area. In order to ensure the safe take-off and landing of aircraft, there are runways, taxiways, apron and radio communication navigation system, visual aids and other facilities to ensure flight safety, occupying an area in the airport. The ground area is the largest. There is a clear area above the flight area, which is the airspace above the specified obstacle limit surface. Ground objects cannot extend beyond the limit surface. The limit surface is determined according to the performance of the aircraft taking off and landing at the airport.

2.1 Plus X airport passenger and cargo transportation service area. The area that provides ground services for passengers and cargo owners. The main body is the terminal building, in addition to passenger apron, parking lot, entry and exit road system, etc. Airports with large cargo volume also There is a special cargo terminal. There is a pipeline refueling system near the passenger apron.

3,1 plus X airport maintenance area. The area of ​​aircraft maintenance and repair and various maintenance facilities necessary for the normal operation of the airport. There are maintenance workshops, maintenance hangars, maintenance apron and water supply, power supply, heat supply, and supply in the area. Cold, water and other facilities, as well as fire stations, first aid stations, oil depots, special railway lines, etc. The largest airports in the world include London Heathrow Airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, and Chicago International Airport in the United States.