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1 Introduction to the production process of the plus X aviation simulation cabin model

1 Plus X Aviation SimulatorThe production of the model is roughly divided into 4 processes, which are:

1. Making the body floor and keel frame: the size of the body is 1:1, the carriage and the front are divided into 2 sections, the actual length is 17 meters after the production is completed, and the body material is 3030mm square steel cutting, welding and grinding, and the welding is completed. The rear body and the front of the car are connected with bolts to avoid errors and the connection is firm and free of displacement.

2. Skin laying on the outside of the car body: The external skin laying of the car body is fixed on the frame by welding with a 1.5mm thin plate, and the material is cut by laser cutting to ensure the accurate size and numbering according to the position of the car body. Special-shaped surfaces such as the arc unfolded surface of the car body are rolled and formed by a plate rolling machine, and polished after the overall welding is completed.

3. Brush and apply fiber putty powder, polish and spray paint: the spraying process uses baking paint spray and imported metal paint for spraying, and then spraying treatment after multiple grinding in the early stage. The final process of spraying is to use the water grinding process to carefully polish the parts of the car body that need to be sprayed, spray the primer and then apply the topcoat to finish the surface finish.

4. Interior interior installation of the car body: The driver's driving console inside the front of the car is strengthened in the early stage. In order to ensure that the processing accuracy of the driving platform is similar to the real object, 3D printing is used, and it is polished and colored after polishing. The same part of the actual train.