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1 Plus X internal structure of aviation equipment

1 Plus X aviation equipment is produced in a 1:1 ratio according to the internal structure of the aircraft, which can realize the teaching activities of courses such as cabin service, broadcast words and on-board situational dialogue.

1. Model requirements and main characteristic parameters:

The training cabin includes a section of the economy class of the aircraft, the front door area, the kitchen, the toilet and the rear door area.

Simple aircraft front boarding gate;

Simple aircraft rear boarding gate;

3-dimensional luggage (2 of which are functional);

Functional passenger call button and reading light (company group);

Economy class passenger seats;

flight attendant seats;

Exit signs for stations in each gate area;

Functional intercom broadcasting system;

Digital language system, which includes harmonic bells, etc.;

Various lights in the cabin, etc.;

2,1 Plus X Aero equipment interior structure and trim

The color and quality of the inner surface are close to the interior decoration of the aircraft on the route. All decoration materials will be vacuum-adsorbed with imported materials, or use the original parts of the real aircraft. No matter what form is used, the effect will be the same as that of the real aircraft.

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